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Analog Video Package

Analog Video Package

Upscaled and digitized 90s and 2000s video gear textures to add that extra vintage look to your project!


  • Real digitized analog video overlay textures
  • HD files captured in authentic 4x3 aspect ratio (1440x1080)
  • Easily stretch for 16x9 aspect ratio
  • Noise, Glitches, Viewfinder Overlays, vintage pre rolls, filters and more
  • Each Asset has an individual high-quality sound design
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and more!

Remember the old days when spaghetti tape clogged up your VHS player? Or when you stocked up on MiniDV tapes like a maniac before the holidays? We are old and we do! Because we miss the carefree home video time, we decided to at least revive the look of that era.

For our Analog Video Package we tried to digitize all the textures that bring you back to the 90s. Using several of daddy’s cameras and players, we scanned and reproduced authentic Viewfinder overlays, video statics, glitches, crazy 90s filters and vintage home video pre-rolls. Everything comes in authentic 4:3 HD and with a high quality sound design.

Get the full analog nostalgia

This Pack gives you the real deal. We pulled five different analog video statics and 15 glitch assets from various cameras and VCR decks. Our genuine pre-keyed drag-and-drop viewfinder overlays for recording and replay overlays aren’t available anywhere else.

Use the still overlays and Vintage pre roll text assets to replicate a realistic tube TV impression. With the pre-built Premiere Pro timelines for the original Analog Video Look, Star Filter and the vertical analog streaks your footage will get the most intense 90s feeling.

This pack works with blend modes

Use our Analog Video Package in any software working with blend modes. All major editing software do this. Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and many more! Please note that our Analog Video Look, Star Filter and Vertical Streak Filter are (at the moment) only available for Premiere Pro.

A bite for your eyes and for your ears

For this pack, as for most of our assets, each clip in the Analog Video Package comes with a unique high-quality sound to ease up your workflow.

iPad version

This pack is also available as an iPad version. You get HD files converted to HEVC MOVs. This drastically reduces the file size for mobile editing. Please note that we only tested this pack in LumaFusion on iPad.


This product includes

  • 5 10s Video Noise loops
  • 14 Video Glitches
  • 6 Vintage Pre Rolls
  • 6 digitized Viewfinder Overlays + still elements
  • 4 TV mask overlays
  • 3 Pre-built Premiere Pro timeline effects (FREE BONUS)
  • 4x3 HD ProRes422 files (1440x1080)
  • Unique sound design for every asset
  • Detailed tutorial