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Analog Viewfinders

A collection of film camera viewfinder ground glasses inspired by real S35 and S16 cameras. Includes BONUS 8mm film textures pulled from real Kodak film stock.


  • Includes 16x9 and 2.35x1 aspect ratios in (down)scaleable 4K resolution
  • Organized by aspect ratio and design for folder drag-and-drop into any project
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and more!


Includes BONUS ground glass texture, sprocket holes, viewfinder smudge overlay, dust & scratches and film grain overlay!

With this overlay package we want to convey the feeling of authentic film camera viewfinders with a pinch of retro-futurism. Therefore we oriented ourselves strongly on the old 16mm and 35mm viewfinders from Arri, Aaton and B&H. We digitally recreated scans of real ground glass screens and now make them available to you to spice up your project.

The overlays come in 4K 16x9 and 2.35x1 resolution and can easily be downscaled to HD. They were created as .png files and can be imported into any editing program of your choice supporting blend modes.

Looks like the real thing

If you have previously shot on film, you may recognize some of these overlays. We build our viewfinders in Photoshop, but the designs are based on various real ground glass screens from professional film equipment from different manufacturers.

No work, no problem

Since our analog viewfinder overlays come to you as files based on the blend mode, your most difficult task will be deciding which one to use. Drag and drop them in and adjust the blend mode. Boom! You have your vintage camera.

You get much more than viewfinders

We have added a ton of material from other packages to the Analog Viewfinder Pack. With 10-second loops of Super 8 film grain, real film dust and scratches, our ground glass texture, a pre-wedged sprocket hole and a viewfinder stain overlay, your footage will look as if it had been viewed through the viewfinder of a Panaflex Millennium XL2.


This product includes

  • 10 Analog Viewfinder designs
  • 16x9 & 2.35x1
  • BONUS Super 8 Grain
  • BONUS Super 8 Dust & Dirt textures
  • BONUS Ground Glass Overlay
  • BONUS pre-keyed sprocket hole overlay
  • BONUS pre-keyed viewfinder smudge overlay
  • 4k UHD PNG and ProRes422 files
  • Detailed tutorial
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