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Energetically moving bodies of text, letters rubbing against each other. These fully customizable and powerful animated title presets go for anything from home video to naughty studio productions.


  • 25 different mogrt files for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Drag and drop use after first installation
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro 21 & 22 & After Effects!

Our CINETIXXX pack gives you 25 super hot mograph presets for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Slick animations and sizzling editing options will make your cherry pop. Created by our friend and awesome motion designer Timm Völkner.

no roundtripping

Gone are the old days of building your titles in After Effects, exporting, importing, regretting, redoing. Build and adjust your titles right there in Premiere Pro. But if you want you can go to AE of course.


Don’t like our presets? Feel free to build your own Frankenstein titles. Adjust fonts, colors, spacing, speed and even animation cycles.

the power of mogrt

Install these presets once and use them in any project forever on. Mogrts (Motion graphic templates) need some power under your computer’s hood than non animated text presets, but they’ll unlock creative powers unheard of. Please note that the more sophisticated presets may not play smoothly at first on your computer. After preview rendering they will though.

compatibility info

We tested the mogrt presets in Premiere Pro 21 and 22. So that’s what we are officially supporting. Of course we’ll make sure that they also run in future releases.


This product includes

  • 25 animated mogrt files
  • Detailed tutorial and examples