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Dystopia SFX

Dystopia SFX

This sound pack is for all lovers of dark and vivid soundscapes. It also contains all SFX from our Transition Packs as a bonus.


  • 200+ SFX files
  • Glitches, Hits, Risers, Textures, Wooshes
  • 48khz 24 bit PCM .wav
  • Compatible with any software

You know that gut-wrenching sensation you get when someone snatches the last slice of pizza from you? We've condensed that feeling into our Dystopia SFX. In this pack you will find various cinematic and dark SFX files, ranging from short swooshes to long soundscapes. We like to use them to smooth out quick edits or to add sound design to commercials and music video skits.


200+ files

A huge selection of SFX for any sound design mood you might get into. You could even use the longer ones as a soundtrack for a vampire horror love movie scene.

Save time and nerves

Stop searching the Internet for free sound design MP3s. With this package you can put your worries aside and just do your work. Edit!

From the industry to your editing suite

For this package we have teamed up with sound designers from the commercial film industry. They created sounds that meet the standards of the biggest brands in the world.

Bonus time

Many people asked us to release a pack containing only the SFX from our Transition packs. We didn't want to create a standalone pack for that, so we added the files as a bonus to our Dystopia SFX Pack.


This product includes

  • 202 SFX files
  • High-quality handcrafted sounds
  • 48khz 24 bit PCM .wav files
  • Detailed tutorial and examples