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Elegant LUTs

Elegant LUTs

With this pack, you get both stylish pastel looks and colors that will knock your teeth out.


  • 18 different looks in soft & hard variations
  • 556 different LUT files
  • 14 different Log formats + REC709
  • Utility LUTs
  • Drag and drop use
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve and more!

creamy business

With the “soft” LUTs from this package, you get a nice highlight rolloff, creamy skin tones, and a through and through classy look. This will work great for fashion films, commercials for well-behaved brands, pop music videos, and your sister's engagement video.

soft & hard

Of course, we know you love our stick-this-video-through-your-eyes-into-your-brain style of ACIDBITE. That's why we created two versions of each look: Soft is a beautiful wedding cake, hard is a boiling pot of chili.

It's that simple

Any serious editing software is capable of working with cube LUTs. You can even import them into Lightroom and Photoshop! Just apply the look you want to your footage, and you're done.

All the logs!

We are nerds. Color science is fun! We tackle this issue so you don't have to. This pack brings the color converted LUTs for every camera model and log style. Whether you shoot with an Arri Alexa or your old Sony a7s, we've got you covered!


Watch the Tutorials for FCPX and Resolve

This product includes

  • 18 different looks in soft & hard variations
  • 556 different LUT files
  • Rec709, RED Log3G10, REDLogFilm, Blackmagic Film, Sony SLog1-3, Arri Log-C, Panasonic V-Log, Canon Log1-3, Fuji Log, DJI Log, Utility LUTs
  • Detailed tutorial and examples