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Red pill or blue pill? It doesn't matter to us! With our MORPHEUS, you don't have to choose. Glitch between the worlds at will.


  • 5 transition MOGRT files for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • HD & UHD versions
  • 16 noise plates
  • Drag and drop use after first installation
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro 21&22 and After Effects!

MORPHEUS is a revolutionary template to create never-before-seen transitions. Fully customisable for endless look possibilities right in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

so versatile!

You’ll get five different data moshing styles but the real power is the ability to throw in any texture or video as the morph controller. A band-logo, random text, a picture of your grandma. We don’t know what you’ll do but it will definitely get freaky.


This is the power of MOGRTs. Sophisticated digital transitions with a lot of control at your hands right in your editing software. These work with any footage and you can even punch in your own mosh textures to make this pack totally your style.

listen to morpheus

With the pack comes a SFX toolkit with sound glitches that go great with the transitions.

compatibility info

Right now MOGRTs only work on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Please make sure your software is up to date. These plug-ins won’t work on older versions.


This product includes

  • 5 transition MOGRT files for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • 16 noise plates
  • Detailed tutorial and examples