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Punch Hole Transitions

Punch Hole Transitions

30+ pre-keyed textures and 8 pre-built transitions to punch your film into other people’s brains!


  • 4K Scan ProRes 444 Quicktime files + Alpha channel
  • High-Quality toolkit inlcuding 15 pre-keyed Punch Hole Animations & 15 Punch Hole Overlays
  • 7 Bonus Pre-Built Transitions for Premiere Pro & FCPX & DaVinci Resolve
  • A unique sound for each transition will punch your eardrum
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and more!

Let us punch this in your face: Punch Holes! Originally they were used to mark the end or the beginning of an analog film roll. Now we made them fancy overlays that immediately give your footage an analog and organic feel. We love this feel!

That's why we sat down with several film rolls and a scanner and punched and scanned them to death. Just use them as fancy prescanned overlays. But we didn't stop there, we built some sick and artsy transitions for easy and simple use in your projects. Have fun punching!

Handmade textures scanned from real film

We destroyed several feet of film for these transitions. We experimented a lot with different ways of mutilating film material and with the help of a high-resolution scanner we animated the transitions by hand. Each frame is a unique scan of a piece of punched film.

High-quality Toolkit

This pack comes with 15 punch hole animations, 15 punch hole overlays and 3 unique Film Burns. They are pre-keyed and based on simple drag and drop and blend modes. You can use them to hide parts of your footage, create your own transitions or simply add more texture to your project. We will show you how to do this in our tutorial.

Punchy sounds

We consider our transitions pretty sick, but it is said that film is 50% sound. So we teamed up with fantastic sound designers to give each Punch Hole Transition a unique sound design.

Modify colors and size

Scale it, move it, tint it, use it harder, better, faster, stronger! (We hope you know Daft Punk)

Bonus Pre-built Transitions

This package contains seven pre-built bonus transitions for Premiere Pro, FCPX and Resolve. The Transitions combine Warp effects and the prebuilt textures of this pack; no plug-ins are required. While the toolkit allows you to create your own fancy and unique transitions, the pre-built ones are more for the fast kids out there. To learn more, check out the tutorial below.


This Product includes

  • 15 Pre-keyed Punch Hole Animations (4K UHD prores 4444 + alpha)
  • 10+ Stills of pre-keyed punch holes
  • 15 Punch Hole Overlays + unique sounds (4K UHD prores 4444 + alpha)
  • 3 Film Burns
  • 8 High-quality sound fx
  • 7 Pre-built transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X (XML) & DaVinci Resolve
  • Detailed tutorials