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The Ultimate 35mm Package

The Ultimate 35mm Package

This pack is so complete we call it ULTIMATE. More than 120 Grains, Burns, Gates, Transitions, Textures & Overlays scanned from real film. If you ever get a pack from us, it should be this one.


  • Real 4K film scans as ProRes 422 & 4444 Quicktime files
  • Grains, Film Burns, Film Gates, Transitions, Textures, Overlays, Luts
  • More than 120 Assets
  • Detailed tutorial
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve and more!

This pack is more than just a 35mm grain pack. That's why we call it ultimate. You will only ever need this package to emulate 35mm film. This pack is packed with assets we've created with various 35mm cameras and film stocks.

It's a grain pack

The ultimate 35mm pack contains all the grains from real Kodak film stock, of course. We scanned them in 4K on a high-end Cintel scanner and you can loop them to infinity.

It's a transition pack

We played around with colored lights and had a VERY good time doing it. The result is 40+ unique film burns and leaks that you can use as analog transitions or overlays. They all come with a unique sound design.

It's a gate overlay pack

Of course, the beloved film gate scans are also included. Since we used different 35mm cameras for this pack, you will get four different gate styles in 3-perf (16:9) and 2-perf (scope) formats. These overlays are pre-keyed. So all you need to do is to drag-and-drop them to your timeline.

It is a film texture package

Happy accidents happen along the way. There are tears, punch holes, scratches and more. Nothing reused from previous packs! This stuff is brand new!

It is a LUT pack

There are many film emulation LUTs out there, but these are ours! You'll get two looks in various LOGs and REC709 format. A total of 15 files. We hope you like them as much as we do :)

And it's a SFX pack

As always, you’ll get a professional sound design for each asset. We teamed up again with our friend Julian Lindenmann, who created unique SFX for the burns and textures. You'll get the files rendered into the assets and as standalone wav files to play around with.

iPad version

This pack is also available as an iPad version. You get HD files converted to HEVC MOVs. This drastically reduces the file size for mobile editing. Please note that we only tested this pack in LumaFusion on iPad.


This product includes

  • 125 asset files
  • 4 different 35mm Grains
  • 8 35mm pre-keyed Film Gates
  • 42 Film Burns
  • 7 animated textures
  • 49 SFX
  • 2 Film Emulation LUTs in various LOG formats
  • 4K PRORES422 & 4444 mov files
  • Detailed tutorial