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Torn Film Transitions

Torn Film Transitions

Film. Torn. Cut. Ripped. Scanned. Digitally glued together. Your turn!


  • 4K Scans ProRes 444 Quicktime files + Alpha channel
  • Handcrafted textures scanned from real film
  • 8 handcrafted high-quality transitions
  • Professional sounds to make your cut even sharper
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve & Sony Vegas Pro

We love to destroy stuff! So we started cutting up that sweet 35mm footage into little pieces. Our Torn Film Transitions includes 8 different overlays of cut and torn film. They come pre-keyed and you can easily use them in any of your projects to add an instant analog touch. Oh, and they go great with the Super 8 Package!

Overlays and Mattes

Our Torn Film Transitions are based on two files each. A pre-keyed overlay for the torn film texture and a luma matte to key your footage with a simple effect included in most editing softwares (Luma Matte/Track Matte). In our tutorial we will show you how to easily assemble the transition in less than 20 seconds.

Change colors, size, speed and direction

Since this transition is based on simple video files, it is more than easy to adjust every aspect of it with the built-in effects of your editing software.

The sound of crying film stock

Film is a silent victim and we felt that when we animated these sweet handcrafted transitions, we were missing the sound. So we give these transitions a nice soundtrack. We are very satisfied, and you can speed up your editing process without wasting time on sound design.


This Product includes:

  • 8 torn film overlays, pulled from real film (4K UHD ProRes 4444)
  • 8 4K UHD Luma Mattes
  • High-quality sound fx for each transition (.wav)
  • Detailed tutorial (for Premiere Pro, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve & Sony Vegas Pro)