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Wipe & Light Transitions

Wipe & Light Transitions

A few moving frames between two shots are the digital equivalent of sniffing solvent from a bag behind the train station. It will give you a short kick and make things easier.


  • 4K ProRes 422 Quicktime files
  • Easily adjust color and contrast
  • Each file contains a unique sound design
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and more!

The pack is called Wipe & Light Transitions, but a better name would be “digital glue”. We often use these shots in various projects to... yeah... glue things together. They give your cut a feeling of smooth motion with dynamic transitions, as if your DP had just made a very fast pan to the next shot.

All the wipes and lights come with a unique freaky sound design to fire up your edit.

Woosh from shot to shot

We went into the urban jungle and shot our way through day and night. Long exposures give a feeling of transition from one place to another and give a hint of structures, buildings and trees here and there.

Light up your edits

Night drives and walks, headlights and street lamps. While walking through the urban night, we have taken aesthetic yet surreal time-lapse shots of moving lights to make your job easier. Use them to further enhance your fast paced edit or combine them with a wipe for an effective day/night transition.

Your project, your colors

All assets in this package come as ungraded 4K prores files, so you can adjust contrast and colors to match your movie. Simply drag and drop them in your timeline and use any effect you want.

Listen to the Wipes

These wipes and lights will glue your film material together not only on the visual level. Like most of our products, each file contains a unique, hand-crafted sound to seamlessly connect your footage.

iPad version

This pack is also available as an iPad version. You get HD files converted to HEVC MOVs. This drastically reduces the file size for mobile editing. Please note that we only tested this pack in LumaFusion on iPad.


This product includes

  • 33 Wipe Transitions
  • 28 Light Transitions
  • 4K UHD ProRes422 files
  • Unique sound design for every asset
  • Detailed tutorial